For Employers

Dallas employment lawyer Stacy Cole helps employers navigate employment relationships. Employees are an important aspect of any business. In fact, your employees are often the main source of communication between your business and your customers. Employment disputes can have significant impacts to your company’s bottom line. Thus, it is important to ensure that your business has the right policies and procedures in place. Understanding your role as an employer is an important part of every business. Employment lawyer Stacy Cole can assist you in defending employment disputes and minimizing the risk of costly employment litigation.

Our Dallas business and employment law firm can help you identify, avoid, and prepare for employment-related pitfalls. A large number of employment disputes are based on claims of discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment, workplace bullying, wrongful termination, and unpaid wages. These employee disputes can be extremely costly if not handled correctly by employers. Contact Dallas employment lawyer Stacy Cole if an employee files an employment claim filed against your company.

Defending Against an EEOC Complaint by an Employee

Dallas employment lawyer Stacy Cole defends employers in claims brought in front of the EEOC. An untreated employment dispute may end up at the EEOC or in court. Defending a claim before the EEOC or in court takes time, energy, and money. These resources are better used to grow your business, not defend it. Additionally, an employment dispute has a habit of spreading like a virus in the workplace. For example, an employee who files a claim of discrimination may encourage other employees to do the same thing. This increases the resources an employer will use to resolve this employment dispute. Contact Dallas employment lawyer Stacy Cole if your company is named in a dispute with an employee.

Defending Against Employment Discrimination and Retaliation Claims

Dallas employment lawyer Stacy Cole works with employers to defend against claims of discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination, hostile work environment, and numerous other employment-related claims.  If you are the target of such claims, contact our Dallas employment law firm today.

There are often extremely short time limitations in employment law. Thus, it is extremely important to take steps to prevent employment disputes before they start. And once started, it is critical to act quickly to resolve the issue. Contact our business and employment law firm to protect your business from frivolous employment disputes.