Non-Disclosure Agreements

Our business and employment law firm will work closely with your business to protect your company’s confidential information and assets. Your company has worked hard to develop a way of doing business that gives it an advantage over competitors. It is important that your business have agreements in place with employees and independent contractors to protect your confidential information from being shared with competitors. Our business and employment law firm can assist you with drafting and negotiating non-disclosure agreements. Additionally, our law firm can help your company enforce the non-disclosure agreements that are in place.

What Is the Difference Between a Non-Compete and a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Non-compete and non-disclosure agreements are very similar. For example, both agreements are designed to protect your company from unfair competition. However, there are differences between the two agreements. Non-Compete agreements are aimed at preventing former employees from unfairly competing against your company. Non-disclosure agreements prevent current and past employees from sharing confidential information with others. Each type of agreement has its own drafting requirements in order to be enforceable. Contact our business and employment law firm today if you would like to draft or enforce one of these agreements.

What Information Does a Non-Disclosure Agreement Protect?

Non-disclosure agreements protect your company’s confidential information. This includes customer lists, pricing strategies, contact information, trade secrets, future marketing plans, and any other information that is generally unknown to competitors.

Our business and employment law firm will help you draft and enforce non-disclosure agreements. Contact our law firm today.