Non-Compete Agreements

Non-Compete Agreements are common in today’s business landscape. These agreements, if used effectively, will help protect your company’s assets. However, if non-compete agreements are not drafted correctly, they may not even be worth the paper they are written on. Our business and employment law firm can assist you in drafting and negotiating non-compete agreements.

Whether your company needs assistance drafting a non-compete agreement or whether you are trying to enforce a non-compete agreement, Stacy Cole Law, P.C. can help you protect your company’s assets. Contact our business and employment law firm today.

What Is a Non-Compete Agreement?

In Texas, a non-compete agreement is often referred to as a covenant not to compete. Essentially, a non-compete agreement is an enforceable promise between the employer and employee, where the employee promises not to compete against the employer once their employment relationship has ended. The covenant not to compete should include restrictions as to time, geography, scope of employment, and numerous other provisions. An employer might not be able to enforce a non-compete agreement if the agreement does not include the proper provisions or if the provisions are overly broad. Contact our business and employment law firm today.

What Are the Benefits of Non-Compete Agreements in Texas?

Non-compete agreements protect your company’s confidential information. For example, non-compete agreements prevent former employees from taking your company’s confidential information and using it to compete with you and your business. Our business and employment law firm can assist you in drafting non-compete agreements and enforcing them.

What Are the requirements for a Non-Compete Agreement?

Texas law governs the enforceability of non-compete agreements. Over the last several years, the law and requirements for a valid non-compete agreement have changed. Additionally, the requirements are complex and vary depending on the facts of each case. Our business and employment law firm can partner with your business to ensure that your non-compete agreements are drafted accordingly. Additionally, our law firm can assist you with enforcing a non-compete agreement in Texas.

What if a Former Employee Violates a Non-Compete Agreement?

Contact our business and employment law firm immediately if you believe that a former employee is violating a non-compete agreement. It is important to act quickly before the damage is already done. Our law firm will meet with you to develop a plan that meets your company’s goals and pursue the matter very aggressively. Time is often of the essence in these matters.