Severance Reviews

Contact Dallas employment lawyer Stacy Cole if you would like to discuss your severance agreement with a Texas employment lawyer. Severance packages often require an employee to waive any and all legal claims that he or she may have against an employer in exchange for a payment of money and numerous other provisions. For example, severance agreements often include provisions regarding competition and provisions regarding disclosure of information and confidentiality. You should consult with a Dallas employment attorney before signing a severance agreement.

Most severance agreements require an employee to waive all claims, even claims that an employee may not even know he or she has. It is important to speak with an experienced Dallas employment lawyer before waiving any rights that you may have. For example, the Older Workers Benefits Protections Act offers protections for older workers who are part of a reduction in force or layoff. If an employer fails to follow the law accordingly when offering a severance package, an employee may be able to keep the severance amount while retaining the right to bring a claim for age discrimination. Thus, it is important to understand your employee rights when negotiating and signing a severance agreement.

Additionally, you may have a claim against your employer for discrimination if other employees are offered a severance package but you are not. Most employers have a policy regarding severance packages. You may have a claim against your employer if your employer violates its own severance policy and fails to offer you a severance. You should discuss your rights with a Dallas employment attorney.

Contact Dallas employment lawyer Stacy Cole today if you have received a settlement offer. Our Texas employment law firm will review the severance agreement and meet with you to explain the meaning of the agreement so that you can make an informed decision.