For Employees

Our Dallas employment law firm represents employees in disputes with employers. Employment law claims in Texas can be difficult, and it is important to have an attorney on your side that understands Texas employment law. Our Texas employment law firm represents employees in claims of discrimination, workplace retaliation, wrongful termination, unemployment benefits, and unpaid wages. Additionally, we represent employees in unemployment hearings with the Texas Workforce Commission. Our firm understands employment law and represents employees in their claims against employers. If you have a claim against your employer, schedule a consultation today.

Although employment law in Texas follows the at-will doctrine, employers cannot not terminate or otherwise discriminate against employers based on race, religion, national origin, religion, gender, sexual harassment, disability, and pregnancy. Additionally, employers may not retaliate against an employee because he or she complains of one these forms of employment discrimination. Contact our Dallas employment law firm today if you are the victim of discrimination or retaliation in the workplace.

In addition to protecting against workplace discrimination and retaliation, the law requires employers to pay employees the minimum wage and overtime. Surprisingly, employers often take advantage of employees by misclassifying employees as “exempt employees” and not paying the required overtime wages. These laws are very complex, and your employer could owe you unpaid wages. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your potential claim for unpaid wages with a Dallas employment lawyer.

Employment laws generally have short deadlines. If you fail to bring a claim with the appropriate agency or court within the deadline, you may waive your rights. It is important to contact our employment law firm immediately if you have a potential claim against your employer.