Workplace Retaliation

Contact Texas employment lawyer Stacy Cole if you have a claim against your employer for workplace retaliation. Although Texas follows the at-will employment doctrine, an employer may not retaliate against an employee who complains about unlawful discrimination in the workplace, files a charge of discrimination with the EEOC or Texas Workforce Commission, or otherwise opposes unlawful workplace discrimination. Protected complaints include reports of discrimination based on race, national origin, color, gender, sexual harassment, religion, disability, and pregnancy. Additionally, an employee cannot be retaliated against for taking protected FMLA leave or requesting a reasonable accommodation.

What Is Considered Workplace Retaliation

Texas employment lawyer Stacy Cole fights for employees who are victim to workplace retaliation. Unlawful retaliation occurs when an employer takes and adverse action against an employee who has engaged in protected activity. An adverse employment action can be termination, refusal to hire, failure to promote, unjustified threats, manifested disciplines or negative evaluations, increased attention to employee work, and numerous other negative actions by an employer. Additionally, it is unlawful for a current employer to retaliate against an employee for filing a complaint of unlawful discrimination against a previous employer.

If you are worried about retaliation in the workplace, contact Dallas employment lawyer Stacy Cole today. There are often short time frames for bringing a claim of retaliation against an employer. Thus, it is important to contact a Texas employment lawyer immediately.

Our Dallas employment law firm will help you make sure that the proper complaints are made so that you receive retaliation protection.

Employees Covered by Workplace Retaliation Laws

There has been an increase in retaliation claims against employers. A claim for workplace retaliation is not the same as a claim for discrimination. Often, claims for retaliation are stronger than discrimination claims. Retaliation protection extends to employees who:

  • Complain about or opposes unlawful discrimination in the workplace;
  • Participates in legal or agency proceedings regarding discrimination claims;
  • Take approved FMLA leave; or
  • Request a reasonable accommodation for a disability.

If you are the victim of workplace retaliation, contact a Texas employment lawyer today. Dallas employment lawyer Stacy Cole understands employment laws and will represent you in your claim for retaliation in the workplace.

What Activity Is “Protected” from Retaliation in the Workplace

An employer is prohibited from retaliating against an employee who engages in “protected activity.” An employee engages in protected activity when he or she complains about, opposes, or reports unlawful employment discrimination. The employee must have a good-faith belief that the subject of the complaint actually violates anti-discrimination laws in the workplace. Additionally, an employee is protected from retaliation even if that employee is complaining about the unlawful discrimination of another employee.

Contact Dallas employment lawyer Stacy Cole today if you are the victim of unlawful discrimination or retaliation by your employer. Many laws have short deadlines. Thus, it is important to contact a Texas employment lawyer today.